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Selling collectable cars, classic cars, muscle cars and desirable sports cars is my full time profession and passion. Please feel free to look through my site. I hope to hear from you soon.

                                                Bill Schwartz
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We can design a professional auction page with top shelf  graphics display and place it in front of a worldwide audience. With an accurate description of the vehicle and some detailed pictures, we can get your vehicle viewed by buyers that are looking for a specific automobile like yours. With years of experience and tested techniques we can get your vehicle viewed and bid on using trade secrets that only professionals know about. I will assist you in the pricing, negotiating, and fund transfer as well as shipping if necessary.

     We are the one-stop shop for getting the most for your vehicle. We will find a good home for your car that you worked so hard on or an investor that knows the value of just what you have. The best part is we don't get paid unless we sell your vehicle! Guarantees don't get any better than that. Give us a call today and we will guide you through the process or clear up any additional questions you might have.

    Let years of experience, professionally designed auction listing and the knowledge of classic car buyers' strategies  work for you. I have worked hard to maintain a trusting classic car and  collectable car buyers following.


Top Shelf Reps offers an immediate and affordable alternative. Iíll place your vehicle in front of the largest classic and collectable vehicle auction audience in the world.

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Give me a call or text today for a free consultation.   >> ---- 260-249-0399

Bill Schwartz

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Selling a Collectable Car, Classic Car, Muscle Car or Sports Car on an internet classified site can be lengthy, expensive and sometimes completely unsuccessful.

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