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The Process and How It Works

Have a vehicle that you would like to sell? Top Shelf Reps,LLC has been very successful at selling quality vehicles of all sorts, collector cars, muscle cars, classic cars, motorcycles (new and old), RV/motor coaches, boats, and much more! If you have a quality vehicle that you would like to sell in as little as 7 days, this service is for you. All we need is for you to fill out a consignment form completely, and honestly, email good photos, a description, and let us do the rest!

How does it work?

Unlike other "advertising" avenues, Top Shelf Reps, LLC actually works to get your vehicle sold. I collect from you up to 50 good photos and an honest, accurate description. Equipped with this information, I will construct and manage an auction for you on eBayMotors.com. I answer all the emails and phone calls on your vehicle (contact you only when I feel that I have a buyer) and work the bidders up to your reserve price. Unlike usual "advertising" avenues, where the perspective buyers see your "asking" price and immediately begin negotiations, we are in an auction format where your reserve is undisclosed (typically) and bidders bid in an upward fashion. The lower your reserve, in most cases, the higher your end results. And, in some cases, "no reserve" (where the highest bid wins) has been the most effective way in getting the most for your vehicle.

How much does it cost me?

The only cost to you is the listing fee of $175.00 for a 7-day auction and $185.00 for a 10-day auction. Having the presence of Top Shelf Reps, LLC representing and working to get your vehicle sold will give you an extra edge over other sellers on eBay. Our incentive for getting the most for your vehicle is that we collect a success fee upon getting your desired amount agreed upon. If you have a vehicle priced under $7,500.00 I will add a flat fee of $500.00 to your asking price. Example: Your asking price is $5500.00 I will then set the reserve price at $6,000. if the vehicle sells for $7500. I will take $500 and net you $7000.00. For vehicles priced over $7,500.00 I will add a 7% buyers fee to your price. Example: If you are asking $20,000.00, I will set the reserve price at $21,400.00 (7% above your net). When the vehicle sells I get the 7% from the buyer as a deposit and my fee for selling your vehicle. If the vehicle brings more that your asking price it is just more money in your pocket.

Call or Text 260-249-0399

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